My depression, anxiety and fear has disappeared. R.D., Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Depression, Anxiety, Stress

I am very, very well. There is still stress at work but I take it much more calmly. I am very happy to say that not a single day have I been mad and have not felt stress. My depression, anxiety and fear has disappeared. I am in a very pleasant comfort zone with a heart full of gratitude. I’m listening to my birds and that gives me peace. I am sleeping very well. Thank you.

R.D., Playa del Carmen, Mexico


“I came to BWO because for some time I had experienced my memory being sketchy, my mood was negative and I felt I just wasn’t making any progress professionally or personally.

After 10 sessions, honestly, I felt empowered, mentally strong, compassionate, creative – all of the things that had been lacking began showing up.
I was more efficient and at peace.  I am more confident, more resilient, am able to get out of bad moods more quickly
Carrie Scott’s desire to go the distance to help her clients is unparalleled!  She asks thought provoking questions in the most thoughtful, gentle way.  I can’t imagine trusting anyone else to do this very personal work.”

K.N., Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Improved Confidence Clarity and Focus

“I am seeing changes even now, so many weeks later.
I also am able to tell the difference between being depressed and not liking a situation I am in. Before, it was foggy. Now it’s clear. Even when things are chaotic, deep down inside I feel centered. I look forward to referring this service to others and plan to go back for tweeking sessions.
I am so glad I found Carrie and Dave and Brainwave Optimization.”

J.R., Langley, Canada

I am less stressed

Four Months later…

My experience with brain balancing was and still is phenomenal! I am more confident and sure of myself. I am clear and focused about what is going on and how it really affects me. There is no more fog in my thinking and I have no difficulty identifying my priorities. What I notice most is that I have become my own witness. I can see so clearly the things that I say and do and what my gain is from those actions. I am less stressed and am able to identify what is my own business and what is someone else’s. Detachment is easier now. I still care, but I can’t change or fix others. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

J.R., Langley, Canada

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”   Oscar Wilde

More Testimonials

Better Sleep, Happier, Improved Vision

Since I have done Brainwave Optimization I have noticed these improvements:
At first, I had vivid visualizations and dreams.
During the sessions, I experienced some emotional “tides” and then felt a great release of tensions.
I also had a big conflict with my sister that got resolved within myself. (I feel we need to stir things up within us to have that happen)
I released some past traumas and it feels so good.
I no longer have the feeling that I live with the handbrakes on. I move more easily through my everyday life.
Overall there was a lifting of mood and the inner sky became blue and light.
I find that I have better contact and communication with surrounding people.
My sleep improved.
After three months, my vision improved. (I waited for that to happen and it did).
I feel that this method should be widely known, and I wish I had learned about it sooner.”

B.R., Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Improved Learning Abilities

My son read a complete book and he enjoyed it and understood every word for the first time in his life. Yesterday I went to my son’s school and some of the teachers are very surprised because he could work with some material that he didn’t understand before and he solved some mathematics problems that he never could before….so we are so happy!!!

A.G.,  Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Changed my Life

Thank you for the optimization sessions. I feel I got a great deal out of it and that it has changed my life for the better. I will be telling all my friends about it.

M.P., Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Calmness, Happiness, Addictions

Since our sessions I have been feeling better and better every day.

Have been keeping busy and I am so much happier.

I feel like I am becoming a whole person. Something I haven’t felt in a long time.

And this has only been the first week.

My sister even said I sound different way more calm and relaxed, not wound up like before.

Not drinking doesn’t even bother me at all.

L.R., Playa del Carmen

Sense of Calm, Focus, Motivation, Greater Sense of Happiness and Well Being

I really felt that it was an integral part of my continuing journey towards health and contentment.

D.L., Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Addictions, Motivation

My son says that he is not having any cravings for alcohol whatsoever and that is amazing and wonderful. He was organizing some records last night. He tends not to like organizing so that was a refreshing sight.He as very positive about treatment but didn’t want to discuss any specifics.

S.W., Langley, Canada

Confidence, Decisiveness, Challenges are Easier, I got My Life Back

I think it was my third session I felt something quite different. A subtle but distinct difference in my energy field. My close friends noticed it too.
I feel more confident, able to make change without the second guessing I was doing before the Brainwave Optimization sessions. I feel like I have got my life back. I have found it easier to face everyday challenges that used to overwhelm me.
With Gratitude

C.S., Langley, Canada

Better Sleep, Less Stress

I have never slept so well since taking the Brainwave Optimization sessions.

Before the treatments I would go to bed so very tired but my mind would not stop racing so I could not go to sleep. Now even if I have the odd night (which is seldom) although I am not sleeping my mind is not racing. Also I am able to handle stress in a much calmer way and don’t become so emotional over the situation.
Carrie and Dave are the most caring people who really care about your well being. Thanks, Carrie and Dave for all you do and keep up the good work.

J,B., Langley, Canada

I Got My Life Back

I had multiple problems after a  car accident 8 years ago and the Brainwave Optimization has gotten me to a point where i can now think clearly and have the desire  to now do the job of cleaning up my life that I have been unable to do since that time…..I feel like I have my life back.

A,J., Langley, Canada

Life Change

You’ve made a HUGE impact in my life

The good news is that my brain is operating much better now then if I compare myself to how I felt in June.

N.S., Langley, Canada

Addictions, Much Better Life Now

I have a good job now, life has changed for the good for me in so many ways.

It was a big step but I am so much happier now.

Thanks to you and Brainwave Optimization I have overcome my addiction and got my children back.

Thank you so much.

D.S., Langley, Canada

Depression Relief, a Life Saver

After retiring from 15 years as an Olympic Skeleton athlete it became apparent that my brain had slowed along with my ability to remember and stay motivated to be on task.

The therapy I received at your clinic was a life saver.

I am now much more able to do the things I love and find my way when I get lost (in the world).

Thank-you for helping me! I know many different types of athletes could benefit from what you do. I hope you get a chance to share the Brainwave Optimization with them.

Personally I am still feeling really good and able to move forward quickly and stay out of the well of depression when it tries to suck me down. Felt like I fell back a bit 2 weeks ago, but then bounced back really well last week and feeling good again this week.

JP (4x World Champion), Langley, Canada

Eyesight Improvement, Anxiety Relief, Clarity

Since doing Brainwave Optimiation in December of 2010, I have observed in myself the following;
My eyesight has improved to the point of not needing glasses to read. Prior, I was going to need a new prescription for glasses.

I am able to observe where I am going with my life with much more clarity.
I have less feeling’s of anxiety and far more calm in all facets of everyday living. I am finding that it is much easier to stay out of other people’s business.
I am looking forward to working with you both in the future for little tune-ups.

T.G., Langley, Canada

Depression, Migraines

My daughter has been doing really well. Her depression has been lifted & she has been sleeping!!

No migraine headaches for a full week now.

Thank you so much for all your care in helping her.

G.T., Kamloops, Canada

Sleep Problems

After having suffered from poor sleep for years, and tried and tested everything I could think of, I tried Brainwave Optimization.

After my sessions I now sleep 8 hours a night and wake up refreshed!

I.E., Langley, Canada

Depression, Isolation, Improved Health

I so appreciate all that you have done for my daughter and for us. I am so thankful that she has found someone that she feels comfortable with and she enjoyed working with you as well.

It has been a very frustrating journey for the last few years. I do see that she seems to be more outgoing and isn’t sick as much and staying in her room like she was. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

J.S., Kamloops, Canada

Depression Relief, Motivation, More Energy, Clear Thinking, No More Medications

I am letting you know that received great benefits from your therapy.

My doctor said I could go medication free now. She feels that the depression has run its course. I said I believe that the Brainwave Optimization has played a positive part in me getting better.

I am feeling more motivation, my energy is increased a fair amount, clearer thinking, I am funny again, hopeful. I still tire easily and I am trying to get myself going again to recover all that has been lost on the physical side.

I feel much better all around. I have been off all meds for about 10 days now.

J.P., Langley, Canada

Depression, Enhanced Learning Skills

My son is really doing very well – happier for sure. We will be coming for more sessions with you soon because we can certainly see the huge changes in him. His school work is so much easier for him now and his scores have improved.

It’s great to see him enjoying life.

L.P., Langley, Canada

Mental Clarity, Anger

I would say the biggest difference that I have noticed is a mental difference in myself.  It was easy to see the results while I was in school. I also feel like I don’t get quite so mad, especially over the silliest of things and I am easier to come back down from being angry.

S.M; Kamloops, Canada

Release of Anger, Addictions and Past. Peace and Harmony

I was a bit doubtful and did not think this would help control my anger and finally allow me to let go of the past. But, I was wrong, it did and much more than that.

Right from the start, in the personal assessment they determined what the major things holding me back in life were and what was causing me not to excel at my highest level.

I know that I am an alcoholic and have addictive tendencies, but they specifically determined what else was subconsciously affecting my day to day activities in a negative manner.

In a matter of 10 two hour sessions over 2 weeks I found peace and harmony in my life for the first time in a very long time.

I let go of things that I did not even know I was holding on to. I felt relaxed inside like I was in a state of meditation all day. The little frustrations in life did not bother me as much.  Most importantly I found my smile which had been buried in a mind full of regret and pain.

Most of us know what we need to change in life but do not really know how we can do it or in many cases do not want to do it because of past experiences lingering in the back of our minds.

So many people go to therapy each week for years trying to understand their problems and get past them in order to start actually living. Although you may understand what you need to do to get on that mentally healthy path, sometimes our brains will just not allow us to change our habits.

What if you could get through these mental blocks in 2 weeks? What would that be worth to you?

I have been through this and only would promote something I felt can help people.

After going through open heart surgery I was given a second chance on life and want others to try to find that second chance by overcoming theirs pasts and demons.

Whether it is alcohol, anxiety, anger, drugs, addiction or something else that is controlling your actions and influencing you negatively in your life, it is time to let it go and overcome it.

2 Weeks for a new life…….You have tired yoga and meditation and many other things and nothing seems to work, why not give brainwave therapy a shot. What do you have to lose?

D.N., Costa Rica

Better Sleep and Health, Concentration, Tinnitus

In June of 2009 I developed a severe case of Tinnitus in both ears, ear damage.  It was a very loud nonstop ringing that greatly affected my sleep and ability to concentrate on anything. My head always felt cloudy like the feeling of a headache starting.
I feel this method truly helped me. The constant feeling of a headache coming on was no longer there, periodically I would still get a spiky feeling that would come and then go away.
I had a set of 10 sessions and then took a break for a couple of weeks to let myself adjust to the treatments and then jumped right back into another 10 sessions.
After completing the second set of treatments the benefits were so much more rewarding. The ringing was still slightly there but now that I had calmed and balanced my brain waves I felt so much healthier. My head was clear, no spiky sensations and I was sleeping better. My ability to concentrate was so much easier.
My head remains clear and I have never experienced a headache coming on since then. Concentration is no longer a problem. I maintain a healthy diet and way of life, which I believe helps in maintaining progress. Sleeping is better and the Tinnitus is slowly fading away.
After all this time that has passed, I really do thank Dave and Carrie for their pleasantness and determination in helping me. They have made my life better.
Thank You

D.L., Langley, Canada


“I am a local psychotherapist and family counselor who found himself frustrated that a few personal issues were not changing. A colleague told me about his success as client of Brainwave Optimization and so I gave it a try. I did about 23 sessions with Carrie and Dave in two separated groups plus a tune up session. Carrie and Dave are great to deal with. They are caring, flexible and knowledgeable. They take a real interest in you and yet are not thrown off by hearing an upsetting history. They don’t overreact or get overly sympathetic they just listen and look for the best brain state conditioning protocols that they think will be helpful. They are also willing to consult with others on your behalf when you offer them a complicated situation. I recommend them highly.

S.B., Langley, Canada

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