You Are Limitless

Balancing and Harmonizing Brains

Every system needs a control unit. The control unit for our bodies, for our consciousness, and for our spiritual perspective lies within our brains.

What Happens In My Brain?

Brain activity is based on cells called neutrons which interact and connect with each, other forming groups or neuro-nets. These neuro-nets are activated based on stimuli. So when a certain stimulus is experienced, like a mouse jumping out from behind a counter, we have a brief moment of fear and jump back. Neuro-nets were activated that created a pathway for us to jump, for our hearts to race a bit, and possibly for us to scream.

Sometimes pathways are exercised from stimuli that are similar but not exactly the same as other stimuli. For instance, if our teacher asks us harshly, “why are you always late?” and we cower in response, we may have a negative reaction later in life based on the pathways that were formed from that experience to anyone who asks us “why” anything.

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”  Mark Twain

How are we different?

Brainwave Harmony allows an individual to train their brain and accomplish what it is that they desire. Brainwave Harmony enhances total individuality in a holistic context. Our Balancing Sessions are based on the ratios of brain waves within an individual brain. Nothing from the outside is used as normative to compare to the individual to determine abnormalities.

Brainwave Harmony understands the brain to be like a finger print… totally unique. We also understand that interviews can be beneficial in helping to isolate areas of our brains where the brain were ratios provide answers for training the brain. Brainwave Optimization is consistent in dealing with the brain state, not brain content. Comparing brain wave frequency ratios at major points across the scalp allows us a standardized way to test brain balance. This means that we create a personalized training plan, tailored to the brain frequency ratios of the individual. We then use client feedback to fine tune the training session exercises to more completely satisfy the desired changes of the client. We use internal brain wave ratios, client self assessment, and client input to create a brain balanced for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual optimization.

Our Mission

Hello and Welcome,

We are Carrie and Dave Scott, of Brain Wave Harmony and Our mission is the same as that of Brain State Technologies and all of its world wide affiliates; To help people.

Carrie Scott

Carrie has over 15 years of experience in the Natural Healing field.

She is certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, ThetaHealing Reiki and Life Skills Coaching. She has a lifelong interest in assisting people with resolving physical and emotional issues. Brain State Optimization is one of the most exciting technologies to emerge that will be instrumental in achieving this goal.

From Carrie:

Every day I am grateful that I found Brain Wave Optimization in the search for my own healing, after living with a Traumatic Brain Injury for 30 years. TBI affects everyone differently, depending on where the trauma occurs. For me it presented as PTSD, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, various physical challenges, pain, inability to concentrate, and racing, repetitive thoughts, to name a few.
Of course, I was put on prescription medications because the general belief was that the brain is unable to function properly without chemical assistance after it has been damaged. (Which we now know is not true, because of the discoveries in neuro-plasticity)  As for many people, the side-effects from the medications I was taking were debilitating.
After trying every traditional medical therapy and alternative healing modality that I could find, I was desperate to live a better life and stop the torment in my mind and body.
Fortunately, I stumbled across Brain State Technologies. I had no idea if it would work, but it sure made a lot of sense to treat my problems at the root source; the brain. I had nothing to lose in trying it.

By the end of my optimizing sessions, I felt like a dark cloud had been lifted and for the first time since my teens, I was happy and hopeful. I was empowered to have control over my thoughts and to be able to respond instead of react from unconscious programs. I was no longer trapped in my head. This technology was a life saver and life changing for me and I am passionate about sharing it with others. I feel honored to help other people with this proven holistic modality.

My wish is that everyone finds the healing they are searching for in whatever way is best for them. I believe BWO is one of the answers to assisting people to surmount life’s traumas. (and so much more…..)

Dave Scott

Dave has had a lifelong interest in alternative and self healing.

He is a certified ThetaHealing practitioner and martial arts instructor. With this and over 30 years in the computer industry, the extremely effective blending of technology and focused, balanced and harmonious healing involved in Brain State Optimization have become a passion.

Dave is a veteran and former Police Officer

who, even after 20 years, still suffered from classical PTSD issues such as anger, poor social skills, hyper vigilance, confusion, racing thoughts and poor sleep. Achieving a balanced and harmonized brain through BWO has made his life better, happier and healthier. Seeing the effects of BWO on himself and Carrie made Dave decide to help people by becoming a Brain State affiliate.

Recommendations For Brainwave Harmony

“I am a local psychotherapist and family counsellor who found himself frustrated that a few personal issues were not changing.  A colleague told me about his success as client of Brain State Optimization and so I gave it a try.  I did about 23 sessions with Carrie and Dave in two separated groups plus a tune up session.

Carrie and Dave are great to deal with. They are caring, flexible and knowledgeable.  They take a real interest in you and yet are not thrown off by hearing an upsetting history. They don’t overreact or get overly sympathetic they just listen and look for the best brain state Optimization protocols that they think will be helpful. They are also willing to consult with others on your behalf when you offer them a complicated situation.

I recommend them highly.”

Simon Beck, M.Ed. Registered Clinical Counsellor.